The Western Dame

10 min
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  • Historic
  • Bar Pick-Up

In the scorched and unforgiving desert, a lone ranger and an even lonelier barmaid find a welcome oasis in one another's embrace. Enter the bar, grab a drink, and experience the flames of passion unfolding rapidly between a handsome ranger and a drop-dead gorgeous dame. Alchemize your lust into lovers' heat, enough to melt ice into sweet honeyed whiskey. When the ranger makes it clear what he needs from this buxom barkeep, she reveals the secret backroom in this seductive saloon — a place where there's no need for formalities or clothes. A gentle harmonica fades you into the barren West, and as your hearts begin to race, so does the high noon soundscape.

The ranger should wear a thin white shirt, brown vest, and brown trousers. His fine-as-wine barmaid should wear a tight corset and baggy brown pants. Feel free to have fun with the costumes here; wear whatever makes you feel as sexy and lawless as the Wild West. Don't forget a couple of glasses, some whiskey or non-alcoholic cider, and a bucket of ice cubes ready to melt. Couples can't get enough of this wild, carnal roleplay. Tonight, the only law in the Wild West is: don't stop.



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  1. 100%
    This one is something else! It was an awesome experience