The Sensuality of Scent

10 min
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As one of the most celebrated perfumers, Gabrielle understands how evocative scent can be, and it’s her head chemist Trevor’s job to please her. Discover the poetry of scent as Gabrielle and Trevor find out that their newest fragrance, Secret Desire, holds a lot more meaning than either of them realized. Go on an aromatic journey, where scents have the power to evoke emotions and ignite hidden desires. Discover an undeniable chemistry that extends beyond the confines of the laboratory. Explore the power dynamics of boss and employee where scent becomes a pathway to forbidden passion, and the boundaries between art and desire fade away.

Record your lines alone for a spicy surprise for your partner, or have fun recording together. Play as Gabrielle, a renowned perfumer, who is on a quest to create a perfume that transcends boundaries. Or play as Trevor, a talented but reserved chemist eager to please his boss. Embark on an olfactory adventure to capture the perfect essence. As your collaboration deepens, the lines between professionalism and attraction begin to blur. Be transported into the fantasy where slow, sensual French-inspired lounge music, the alluring spritz of perfume atomizers, and the soft, whispered footsteps on plush carpets, create an immersive experience that envelops your senses. Have a bottle of your favorite perfume ready to engage all your senses in this sensual play.

Couples who have experienced the sensuality of scent found the power dynamic thrilling and gushed about the way using all their senses heightened their enjoyment. Embark on a captivating journey into the world of perfumery. Explore the blurred lines between professionalism and desire as collaboration takes an unexpected turn. Unleash your senses on this aromatic adventure.



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