Speed Limit

14 min
80 % of 100
4 (3 reviews)
  • Extra Hot
  • On the Road
  • On The Job

When Officer Dan pulls over a speeding car driven by sexy Kendra, what follows is clearly an abuse of power: Kendra’s. Restraint comes in two forms — physical and mental — and this program explores both. While she is restrained physically, she is unrestrained sexually, and the dance these two characters perform is an erotic game of cat and mouse that explores intimacy of body and mind. Hot and horny after a night out, Kendra masturbates on her drive home. But when her car starts racing as fast as her pulse, she is pulled over for speeding. Yet, while the officer has the professionalism, discipline, and authority to frisk and cuff the wanton Kendra, her frisky mood and arresting sex appeal soften his professional resolve and harden his search warrant. With road-trip music and cop-car sound effects to complete the soundscape, you’ll feel like witnesses to the whole drama.

Kendra’s girls-night outfit, including a short skirt and thong, sets the tone—in her mind, at least. And Officer Dan’s handcuffs become a fun-yet-futile restraint that only encourages her. Couples who exceeded this speed limit pleaded guilty to feeling the thrill of bucking authority, control, and power play. Just because you have the right to remain silent does not mean you should!



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  1. 80%
    Too much narration. Seems like an audiobook and the music is not very erotic. Would be better with just a female narrator, low music, and more lovemaking talk and sounds.
  2. 60%
    This is a little cliche for me. The Playables need some work, I wish it sounded a bit more natural, instead of scripted
  3. 100%
    I love that there's a male character, it made it more real. This got me really excited and wanting more from my partner.