Remind Me

8 min
  • Emotional Connection
  • Romance
  • Travel

When a couple revisits the vacation beach where they first met years before, reminding each other of their first date experience becomes a game of “show, don’t tell.” We know that sometimes, it’s hard to express what we want, and we also know that we sometimes fantasize about past experiences. Pretending to be coy and asking our lover to remind us is a great way to reconnect, and this program leads the way to some incredible memories in the making.

Frank and Julie met eight years before, on this deserted cove, and made love under the stars. Eager to repeat the romantic moment, Julie asks Frank to remind her what they did that evening, a scenario Frank was only too happy to re-enact for her. With reggae music pulsing in the distance and ocean waves caressing the sand, the ambiance is immersive, transporting you to the Caribbean beach of your dreams.

Sex on the beach is an ice-cold cocktail and a red-hot fantasy. If you do get lucky with the location, bring a towel to lie on because, y’know… sand? Couples that took the sunset stroll to this secret cove in their imagination were reminded of the thrill of nakedness in the moonlight, the youthful thrill of maybe being seen from the beach bar, and the naughty pleasure of coy suggestion. The tide is right, the breeze is perfect, and the skinny dip afterward is optional. Remind me why you would not want to spend your evening here.



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