Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming

12 min
80 % of 100
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The glitz and glamor of LA seems to be a pipe dream until a string of bad luck leads to a moment straight out of a movie. Act out a fantasy with Karen and her celebrity crush Will, where a scene from a movie may get them started, but not even the silver screen could predict the night of pleasure that awaits them… Explore your dream of meeting your celeb crush, or take on the role of the object of desire, and add some sparkle and star power to your bedroom. With the thrill of being starstruck and giving into lust at first sight, the flames of your passion will be fanned when you add your voices to fantasy.

Record your voice alone and surprise your partner with a spicy story featuring you and one of our talented voice actors, or record the lines together and let the foreplay begin before you even press play. Feel the tension, desire, and passion as the soundscape of a glamorous LA party comes to life around you. Get ready to party with tequila shots, salt, and lime wedges, and once the buzz has hit and you’re ready to take things to the bedroom, have a necktie handy for some extra spice.

Couples who have lived this dream say that their senses were ignited and that the thrill of pretending to be a celebrity and their #1 fan added an extra spark. Embark on a thrilling adventure where you tumble upon a star-studded party, igniting a passionate encounter with an irresistible celebrity crush. In the heart of the celebrity scene, you’ll be longing for the glitz, the glamor, and the tantalizing secrets that lie within. Will you be seduced by the world of dreams and desires?



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  1. 80%
    The background music is kinda cheesy. I prefer the voice of the male actor that narrarates the story because his voice is deep.
    When we got about halfway through we were really turned on by all the sexy descriptive words. I loved the visual way it made me experience everything.