Petrol Pleasures

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Across the vast expanses of America’s Midwest, the male-dominated passions for country music and the open road are trumped by only one thing: women on top. In a fun and sexy, culture-defying reversal of stereotypes, this steamy service stop puts the lady in charge, in the driver’s seat, and on the lap of her lover. And as much as it calls for the woman to call all the shots on this one, it challenges the man to sit back and enjoy the ride she takes him on. Couples that are not used to such role delegation might like the excursion.

Set in a classic country car repair shop in a steamy southern gas station, the hot-but-stern female boss tells her hot-but-unsure mechanic first, what he needs to do at work, and then what she’s gonna do for pleasure. And all the while, she stays in charge. And with country music and a fan for ambiance, you can sure feel the heat.

No matter how clean the car, they are all dirty under the hood, and she’s the same. A tight skirt suit, hot heels, and hotter underwear is the way to run this show. And no matter how dirty the truck, if it pulls, that’s all that’s needed: jeans and a tee. Couples that took Route 66 got their kicks from switching roles, changing gears, and riding like there was no tomorrow. If you’re about due for a service, Petrol Pleasures will fix you right up.



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    We love playing with punishment as a couple. It was exhilarating having my partner do whatever I tell him to and to see the pleasure on his face as I was "punishing" him