Partners in Crime

9 min
  • Historic
  • On The Job

The thrill of the score, the adrenaline of the chase, robbing banks with your partner (and getting away with it — together) is a wild ride. Go on the run with Betty and Dale and discover how exciting feeling the heat can really be… Don your disguises and new identities. This is your chance to play out a wild fantasy where naughtiness is encouraged and a daring escape leads an erotic night of hedonism. Either surprise your partner with a saucy story featuring your voice and one of our talented voice actors filling in as your own personal partner in crime, or record together and immerse yourselves in the roles. After escaping the bank with your score, the high speed chase is sure to get tensions rising…

Allow Betty and Dale’s world to come to life through a symphony of bank chatter, roaring engines, and sultry trap music that intertwines with moans of passion, igniting a thrilling journey of heists, desire, and pulse-pounding suspense. Heighten the experience by spreading dollar bills (fake, or real if you’re feeling extra extravagant!) over your bed so you can roll around in your score.

Couples who have robbed this bank together say they felt a surge of excitement and connectedness. They discovered new depths of intimacy, as well as fostered a sense of adventure in their own relationship. Embark on a captivating journey of adrenaline, desire, and forbidden allure. Navigate high-stakes heists, a tantalizing connection, and a chase that will leave you breathless. Are you ready to experience the thrill?



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