Online Desire

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They say you can find anything on the Internet...even a sexual connection with a stranger. Interested in testing out this theory? Experience the heated tension as you and your partner record your lines as Steve and Veronica, two online "friends" whose nightly chats have turned into sexy flirtations. After months of chatting, they're ready to take things to the next level... and thanks to the Internet, anything is possible. Who says you need to be in the same room to feel the most erotic desire? Seeing all of each other through a screen without being able to touch can only fans the flame of desire. But don't worry, you can look and touch... after the program. The sexy music and relaxing ambiance will keep you in the mood long after you "sign out".

This is the perfect program to treat yourselves to a steamy online experience, complete with two computers and some distance. Get comfortable for a seductive night in with a glass of your favorite beverage and a few candles. Her room should be complete with a sexy robe (silk never disappoints!), a strawberry or two, and her favorite sex toy.

Couples who have come online together loved this program's sexual buildup and being able to sexually engage with their partner — even from a distance. This specific program is perfect for those in long-distance relationships. You can even surprise your partner by recording your lines ahead of time before you meet online for a rendevous neither of you will forget any time soon. Hear that sound? Your partner has just signed on. Ready to make a move?



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  1. 80%
    The music in the beginning was a little bit of a turn off! After several minutes when it changed however, the mood switched and really gets both you and your partner going.