Neighborhood Watch

7 min
  • Romance
  • Exhibitionism

Ironically, this fantasy experience asks if you want to watch and, better still, asks if you want to *be* watched. Watching others doing anything, not just when they are intimate, can often inspire us to want to try things ourselves, and this experience re-enacts these ideas on an intimate level and takes them from voyeurism to exhibitionism. This private screening teases these ideas and allows curious couples to toy with the thought of curious eyes — without actually inviting any curious eyes into their space. After settling for bed, this couple decides to watch their noisy neighbors through a crack in the wall. By showing appreciation for what they see, they learn they can better express what they themselves desire. Add to that the sounds of summer nights and mischievous music, and you’ll definitely feel like you are sneaking around doing something a little naughty.

Couples need only each other for this experience, though a nighty, panties, PJs, and a vivid imagination can help. Those who tried this experience enjoyed not just indulging in their own kinks of voyeurism and exhibitionism but also found it organically revealed pleasant and surprising kinks in their lover that they were unaware of. The whole community feels much closer when there is a healthy Neighbourhood Watch. They have a responsibility to you, and you have a responsibility to watch.



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