Magic Youth Pill

11 min
  • Reunion
  • Supernatural

Kids, grandkids, years of life together. Sometimes it’s hard to hold on to the romance. This couple has come back to the room where they first made love in hopes of re-igniting the spark. The cheap roadside motel seems a disappointing place to celebrate another decade together – at first. But when a mysterious letter is found on the bed, the couple decide to take a leap of faith and magically jump back into their younger bodies – with younger urges. All for one night of thigh-throbbing, bed-breaking love. This arousing yet adorable story is sure to fill your belly with butterflies and curl your toes with delight. Crafted with gentle feeling and a yearning reminiscence, you’ll both be left teary-eyed and satisfied.

The combined jazzy beats and tense narration will invite you into the story – taking you right to the heart of the action. All you need to enjoy the experience in full are some small candies (like m&m's) imagined as magic pills. Couples who've taken these magic pills before say it transported them right back to the mysterious and exciting early days – and nights – of their relationship. Prepare yourself for a leap of faith and a fantastic night of impossible pleasure.



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