Like We Used To

11 min
  • Reunion
  • Academy

High school reunions aren’t always fun. But when Rhonda bumps into old flame Jon after 15 years, she discovers he’s hotter than ever. Rhonda and Jon are quick to reawaken their old passion for one another, but what begins as flirty dancing quickly leads to heavy petting in public, followed by the main event – a revisiting of the site of their first kiss, and first breathless night together, overlooking the football fields. Filled with the playful and unapologetic recklessness of young love, this experience will have you giggling one minute and gasping the next. Re-live your teenage infatuations as you ‘bust some moves’ on the dance floor before retiring to Jon’s cherry-red Shelby Cobra for a ‘ride’.

The classic disco beats of this experience will make you want to swing and grind your hips together as you delight in the naughtiness of your desire. The only prop you’ll need is a nice warm Varsity Jacket. Couples who've attended this school reunion say the nostalgic atmosphere brought a surprising sense of fun and intensity of their lovemaking. Get ready to fog the car windows with your dreamy high school love. Tonight, third base is just the beginning.



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