Indian Union

16 min
  • Multicultural
  • Emotional Connection

Could you suffer bittersweet agony of being unable to kiss, or even touch, your betrothed? How much would you yearn for them? What would you do on your wedding night? After years of longing, Raj and Diya are finally joined in marriage. Having saved themselves for their wedding night, according to their culture, they now allow themselves to surrender to their rapacious but sensual lust. Feel the intense emotions of two newlyweds as they find sexual union for the first time. Linger in a space of healthy and loving connection with your chosen life-partner as you follow along with this virginal coupling.

Accompanied by the fluid sounds of flute and sitar, this experience will transport you to a place of soft sensuality and sacred erotic bliss. This experience involves many layers of traditional Indian dress, but all you’ll need are scented candles and some jewelry for her (to take off). Couples who’ve taken part in this union say it was like re-living the first time they touched and made love, fresh with feeling and hot with earnest arousal. In parts gentle and fierce, first love is joyful and delightful thing. Why not enjoy it again... and again and again?



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