In the Clouds

7 min
80 % of 100
4 (3 reviews)
  • Friends to Lovers

Ever wanted to come in the clouds? Somewhere above America, on a flight from New York to LA, Selena is feeling horny and adventurous. Sitting next to her: a mysterious stranger. Could it be Mark? Her long-lost admirer? Everyone else is asleep aboard the long flight, but Selena and Mark are awake with lust. They go to the back and begin with some intimate kissing, but as turbulence hits the place, they ascend to more intense pleasures. It’s time for some after-hours, first class fun. Soar together into this whirlwind experience where the sexual tension runs high, but the orgasms reach higher. Enjoy the intrigue of an illicit encounter miles above the Earth. Let the smooth piano melodies awake a calm yearning between you, and then progress to more vigorous desires when the plane begins to shake.

For this experience, we recommend some mysterious sunglasses for him, a dress and blouse for her, and some champagne for both. Couples who’ve flown on this flight before say the combined tensions of secrecy and turbulence added a whole new dimension of eagerness and passion between them. Buckle up! There are no safety exits on this voyage of desire.



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  1. 60%
    The prompts themselves were incredible and fun!! We did not love the background elevator music, it honestly took away from the recording
  2. 100%
    We have never done a program that gives you the option to record as a couple! This really makes the experience a hundred times better and you can give it a creative twist.
  3. 80%
    This was a fun one. Everyone wants to join the mile high club! We would have liked more detailed actions but really like the moaning in the background. My husband liked playing someone I knew from high school.