Hunter to Hunted

9 min
100 % of 100
5 (1 reviews)
  • Multicultural
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Supernatural

In a stately mansion in the dead of night, the moonlight whispers of danger, but also – of hidden desires. Jason, the legendary vampire-hunter, has been chasing Belladonna, the otherworldly vampire, for many years. Tonight they twist and intertwine in a deadly struggle, but just as all seems lost, she decides to devour him in more ways than one. Unleash your inner lusts in this story of hunter vs. hunted. Let the fantasy sweep you along into a frenzy of sharp teeth and thrusting stakes. You’ll discover just how wild you can be together. Allow the haunting piano melodies to lull you into a state of awakened yet ethereal craving for each other.

This experience is best enjoyed with some playful props, such as vampire fangs, long nails, and perhaps a wooden stake. Couples who’ve tangled together in this mansion before say it transported them to a world of hyper-sensual desires where anything seemed possible. Prepare to step into the moonlight, where unspeakable pleasures are unleashed.



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  1. 100%
    This was such a unique experience. Hearing my voice in the audio of this story definitely made it feel real. The narration and speed the story went was perfect. Hearing my voice on the audio gave me much more confidence and I felt sexier. My husband enjoyed seeing me in that light. The vampire aspect was the icing on the cake! Great experience!