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Feeling stressed? Step into the Riviera Maya Resort Spa, and allow your expert Latina masseuse to rub away all of your tension. Happy endings guaranteed – for both of you. Reconnect through this erotic yet playful massage experience on the shores of a luxury Mexico resort. Delight in the touch of each other’s skin and linger on the sensations of the body. Your masseuse will begin by rubbing her hands all over you, paying particular attention to your erogenous zones, before turning you over and mounting the massage table herself. Sink into the sounds of the ocean waves and the rolling Spanish guitar as you sink into each other.

All you need to fully enjoy this experience is some massage oil or cream and a bed or couch to act as your ‘massage table.’ Couples who've stayed at the resort before say they came away feeling fully refreshed and reinvigorated by each other’s desire. Prepare to lie back and let go. Ultimate relaxation is just a click away.



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  1. 100%
    I am actually a professional massage therapist, so this fantasy is so taboo but so hot to think about for me. I loved playing out all my pent up sexual fantasies with my partner. the words she used just got us sooo hot and excited we couldnt even last through all the music
  2. 100%
    This is everyone's fantasy! My husband could not have been happier. This experience was erotic, sensual and just felt natural. Hearing my voice and being able to say some words in Spanish really added to the overall magnetism of this plot. We loved it!
  3. 100%
    I don’t know one person that doesn’t have this fantasy so it’s a must. Just listening to this audio without doing anything arouses you!
  4. 100%
    Everyone has had this fantasy in their life! We had fun acting this out. We loved the step by step instruction on how to touch his body. I especially likes the part where she says "Let me do my job" and how she teases him. The moaning in the background was very arousing.