Fire and Flamenco

8 min
  • Historic
  • Multicultural
  • Travel
  • Extra Hot

The sultry streets of Madrid are alive with music and color during the long summer evenings. Play the parts of a fearless matador and gypsy dancer as a chance encounter leads to a meaningful night of passion and pleasure. Succumb to your inner desires as this experience ignites a fierce yearning within you. Tear at each other’s clothes and make fiery love like never before. Begin with coquettish words and explorative touch, then build to an explosive release through this sensual dance of ecstatic feeling. The subtle tunes of a Spanish guitar will follow you through your moves to keep you in rhythm.

The one thing you’ll need to fully enjoy this experience is a pair of Spanish castanets. Couples who have walked the hot streets of Madrid before say it left them sweaty with satisfaction and a renewed sense of desire for each other. Come, step into the cobblestone alleyway and submit to the throbbing soul of fire and flamenco!



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