Erotic Physics

13 min
  • Extra Hot
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Academy

Andy needs to pass his physics final but when he follows his study buddy, Mary, to work for a late night study session, he finds out that sweet Mary is actually a very sexy stripper who wants to give him a private physics lesson. Feel the tension of a crush build like a difficult physics equation. Experience the greatest release when you finally get your hands all over one another. Once you find your way into the private room of the club, there's no turning back. The muffled lo-fi hip hop of the strip club is the perfect score for this intense, erotic explosion.

Let her take your breath away in her skimpiest pink lingerie — be sure to add garters, a silk robe, and a delicate heart necklace — and he will wow you in his sexy jeans and collegiate wear. Couples feel their hearts race as the heat climbs between them, crackling like electricity once they finally collide in the private room of the club for the sexy physics lesson. Welcome to a hands-on class that will teach you that every action has an equal or opposite reaction — in a way you'll be sure to remember for the exam.



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