Chocolate and Cherries

8 min
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Chocolate fondue on Realized Fantasy? Do we really need to say anything else?

Giving pleasure to your lover is the secret to lovemaking, and this program makes that task fun, easy, sensual, and absolutely delicious. The experience creates a sensual connection that you will want to repeat. When a female American tourist and a Belgian chocolatier flirt in a hotel bar, this of course leads to feeding each other chocolate cherries back at his shop. And with Belgian gypsy jazz setting the tone, the experience is as fun as it is sweet.

The chocolate fondue and a fruit platter may require a bit of forethought for one of you, but your partner will melt once they see what you bring to the playdate. Couples who dipped their curiosity into this luscious experience spoke of developing a dangerous addiction to lovemaking. And here’s the best news: after the fondue, you will burn off all the calories. This fantasy experience puts the fun in fundue.



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  1. 60%
    This one was okay. It didn't have that hook, We felt like we were listening to a audio book.