Cherry Blossom Geisha

13 min
  • Multicultural

It’s Ryan’s first night in Tokyo and what better way to celebrate his first day negotiating a huge deal than ordering his first ever escort – a modern geisha. She will teach him her artistry of seduction and sensuality, tantalizing him with gentle touches until he is ready to explode and celebrate her body all night long. Find something new in one another as you are transported to your deepest, sweetest fantasy yet. Incorporating arousing textures and food play are just the tip of this erotic glacier. The cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, soft and supple, to lull you in this exquisite Tokyo evening.

For her, don your silkiest robe or kimono with a long sash, and for him, dress in your business best. Don't forget to pack ice cubes, sashimi, chopsticks, and sparkling sake to experience this program to its fullest. Couples who've been whisked away to this intimate evening between strangers turned lovers can't see cherry blossoms the same way — and that's a very good thing. Let the geisha take care of you, how only she can, and worship her like the queen she is.



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