Bodies In Sync

10 min
  • Bar Pick-Up

A chance encounter at a bar after a bad day. Connection through music. A sensual dance that ignites something deeper. Sometimes you find exactly what you need without even looking for it. Dance with Jenna and Leo as they learn that bodies have a language of their own. Find connection through the power of movement and learn the physical language of your partner. Experience intimacy long before your clothes come off, impassioned by music and guided by the silent words of your partner’s body.

You can either record your lines alone and surprise your partner with a sensual story starring you, or start the foreplay early by recording together. Take on the roles of Jenna and Leo, where a spontaneous visit to a bar leads stressed-out Jenna to the charming and confident Leo, a flamenco guitar player who’s inspired by the beautiful woman at the bar. Drawn together by the power of music and dance, Jenna and Leo embark on an enchanting journey, awakening desires neither of them expected. Accompanied by the ambience of a bar and passionate flamenco music, you’ll be transported into the dance shoes of two strangers whose connection transcends words. Wear your favorite bar-appropriate outfit and drink like Jenna with a Long Island Iced Tea, and Leo with a glass of whiskey.

Couples who have danced together say that it gave them a greater physical awareness and an understanding of each other’s body language. Embrace the rhythm of your heart and immerse yourself in the symphony of desire. Get ready to dance, get ready to feel, get ready to connect. The stage is set, the music is playing, and the invitation is extended. Will you meet your mark?



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