Amish In Bloom

10 min
  • Multicultural
  • Romance

In Amish culture, a couple’s wedding night is the first time they are allowed to touch, and this program taps into the longing and revelation of that first night. No matter how long we have known our lover, we cannot know everything. Being reminded of the excitement of discovery is a great way to ignite fresh curiosity, and the program invites us to rejuvenate our sexuality as if it were the first time. From the nerves of anticipation to exploring new sensations, from self-doubt when undressing for the first time to the rapture of “the first time,” we are guided through the journey of a couple’s emotional and physical journey that is entirely fresh. And the innocence is supported by quaint Amish music that is both simple and playful.

For this Amish couple’s “first time,” the only rabbits in this story are probably still in the fields, but Eli’s creative use of a feather, taken from his hat and drawn across his bride’s naked skin, is a guaranteed way for him to stir her senses. Couples who took this buggy to Lancaster, Pa., witnessed their lovemaking with a new appreciation of intimacy, sensuality, and the lover in their arms. And if you are still not sold, just replay the scene from Witness when Harrison Ford watches Kelly McGillis step out of her bath, and we will see you shortly.



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