Afterhours at the Pub

11 min
  • Workspace
  • Bar Pick-Up

Bartenders Bill and Shantelle are accustomed to tight spaces behind the bar and tight tee shirts showing off a little bit of cleavage and muscle — but tonight, they will concoct the perfect cocktail of desire. Explore new tastes and new bodies in this fantasy of tending the bar and the needs of your lover. Featuring a delicious incorporation of bartending, this salt and lime seduction tastes even better than it sounds. Once Bill covers Shantelle in lime juice and salt, you'll have no choice but to lick each other clean. The indie instrumental is the perfect soundtrack for when the bar turns into your own personal erotic playground.

Shantelle will need a tight black V neck (but no bra), cuffed jeans, black panties, and Bill will wear a tight black tee and jeans with black briefs beneath. Both will need hand towels, salt, lime, and a bar or flat surface to roleplay on, fit with a full bar for delicious cock-or mock-tails. Couples can't get enough of the sticky sweet mouthful of Afterhours at the Pub. Just like a good martini, this night will be extremely dirty.



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