Adonis and Aphrodite

11 min
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  • Romance
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Ready to worship at the temple of love? In a luxurious Greek hotel on the shores of the Aegean Sea, two lovers escape their mundane lives and transform into Adonis and Aphrodite for one night only – a night of godly desires. As two strangers locked into a secret tryst, you know nothing about each other, not even your real names – all you know is the lust that fills you like Zeus’ lightning. Feel irresistible together as you take on the identity of the perfect mythical characters. See your partner as a god and praise them with the pleasure they deserve. After a delightfully torturous build up, succumb to your yearnings and ravish each like two legendary figures of love. The slow violin symphonies will mingle with the sounds of this peaceful mediterranean city as you embrace and sway together.

For this experience, we recommend a button down shirt for him, heels and dress for her, a table to support her weight, and a delicious bottle of chilled Rosé or similar. Those who’ve ascended Mount Olympus before say it gave new meaning to the word ‘adored’ and awoke in them a sense of reverence for their beloved. Fly into this fantasy now and enjoy an evening of romance and sensuality as the mortal lover Adonis treats the goddess Aphrodite to a night she'll never forget.



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  1. 100%
    Every experience is better than the last! This piece really allowed both my husband and myself to feel like the main character the entire way through. The best foreplay, the greatest climax, the sexiest storyline!!!
  2. 100%
    Really like this story line! I am super uncomfortable hearing my own voice recorded but I'm sure after sometime that awkwardness would go away. This experience is very well done.