About us

We love Love Stories so much, that we created Realized Fantasy to make yours even hotter

Hey there!

We’re the Realized Fantasy team, working behind the scenes of your Blockbuster-worthy sexual productions. We believe human relationships are the beating heart of everything, which is why we’re devoted to making your relationships more intimate, erotic, and expansive. We want your love story to never end, which is why we created Realized Fantasy to help you keep writing it… more and more and more of it… with twists, turns, and endless climaxes.

Our mission is to make sex always exciting by creating an endless library of erotic stories and fantasies that ignite your imagination and set free the countless versions of you and your partner.

Our vision is a world more creative and freer in its sexual experience.

Our values are:
  • Sex Positivity. As pioneers in the sex-positive movement, we’re encouraging people to abandon shame around sex and embrace their own eroticism—to be erotic is to be human!
  • Passion. Whether you find it in our programs or in our workspace, passion informs everything we do. We’re committed to our mission not only in mind, but in heart.
  • Integrity. When we make fantasies real, we mean real. We bring our authentic selves to our work so that you can bring your authentic self to your partner.
  • Collaboration. Remember when we said human relationships are the beating heart of everything? We meant it — in every sense. We believe that creative teamwork can leverage collective genius.

Sex doesn’t have to be repetitive or stale ever again. We’re making sure of it.
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